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With over 6 years of video & audio production experience, Living Disciples Media has decided to take media assistance to another level and offer…


We have had the priviledge of assisting churches with basic installation for ex. setting up soundboards and connecting laptops and desktops to projectors, and as time passed we decided to introduce commercial installation to our services. From training in video and audio production to setting up live cd and dvd recordings, live streaming and installing video and audio to various tvs and projectors using hdmi. Our recent install proved that we were capable of bringing something different that even our sales consultants couldn’t figure out. We have been able to work with various budgets and the quality never changes. With our newest hdmi install, we have installed 8 tvs and 1 projector for Bethel Covenant Assembly of God Church. Through this install, we provided video and graphics with audio to each tv and projector without video quality lose. Living Disciples Media is here to bring excellence to your business or church and will work hard to bring quality within your budget. With various clients contacting us for installations, we know that we will continue to provide satisfactory work for each one. We have yet to work on a mobile av installation, which will hopefully be in the works soon.