• The Web Media Package

Living Disciples Media is a Multimedia One Stop in San Antonio, Texas. We are a Christian based company that has assisted non-profit organizations, ministries, churches, bands, solo artists, night clubs and  businesses. Being a multimedia company, we have produced radio and television commercials as well as news letters, cd, dvd covers and flyers, recorded music and produced music videos. Living Disciples Media also provides audio video installation and video production instruction for churches and businesses that are in need of purchasing the right equipment for video/audio production as well as live stream. With the enconomy situation, we have adjusted our prices to help everyone looking to market their product or service online. We have targeted online marketing through web development and video production. Being that we are living in a time in which we do everything on the internet from paying bills, make purchases, and even watching tv, we have created a marketing plan to help many businesses grow through media. (Click For More Information)

Our team is composed of experienced videographers, editors, audio engineers, musicians, graphic designers & web developers. Our goal is to assist you in marketing your business or product through means of media. As you navigate through our website, I pray that we will be a blessing to you, your business, church, ministry or band.

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